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09 Aug , 2022

Best Proven Guide to Understanding Organic Skin Care

Organic skin care refers to products that include organically-farmed ingredients. The standards of organic farming differ globally, but you should know that organic farms do not use laboratory-made substances.

The term “organic” indicates that most of the ingredients in a product come from organic sources.

In this brief guide, we look more closely at organic skin care, including what it is, and what the benefits are. We also look at how organic skin care differs from “green” or “clean” skincare.

But, what does organic skin care really means?

Organic ingredients refer to substances that planters, and farmers have grown without leveraging on the use of artificial substances, such as chemical pesticides or fertilizers. However, there seems not to be any universal definition for it as it varies across the world.

This may not be limited to any of the following:

  • chemical fertilizers
  • chemical pesticides
  • antibiotics
  • hormones


Substances that make a skin care product organic?

For a skincare product to be considered organic, it should consist of organically farmed and processed plant-derived ingredients, and must be unadulterated. Some examples of these include: natural soaps, natural powders, plant extracts, oils or serums, kinds of butter, essential oils, wax, etc.

Also, please take note that when it comes to organic products, they must comprise any of the below factors in the United States:

  • Must enable resource cycling
  • It must improve air and soil quality
  • It must conserve biodiversity
  • reduce the use of synthetics


What are the benefits of organic skin care?

Organic skin care is not necessarily any more or less effective than nonorganic skin care. However, it does have some key benefits which are:

Better for biodiversity. Organic farms do not use chemical pesticides, which can harm wildlife and reduce biodiversity.

Regulated. Because the term “organic” is regulated in the U.S., people can tell that the product contains what it says it does.

Biodegradable. Organic ingredients also tend to be biodegradable, which means they break down quickly and do not accumulate in the environment.

Finally, another vital thing to look out for is, is organic skincare the same as NATURAL or GREEN skin care?

The answer to this is, NO! Mainly because these terms signify different things.

“Natural” may mean that some of the ingredients in a product come from plants or animals or are even environmentally friendly. This is not the same thing as ORGANIC. Natural ingredients can come from organic or non-organic farms.

“Green” is a term some brands use to convey that their products are not harmful to the environment. A company may use this to refer to their ingredients, packaging, business practices, or a combination. It does not guarantee that the product is genuinely harmless.


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