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23 May , 2022

Improve Your Skin Pigmentation Now And Thank Me Later

Pigmentation means skin coloring. But wait a minute...where does our skin gets this various shades of colors? It's gotten from a pigment known as MELANIN.

Special cells in the skin comprises of Melanin. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production.

Without melanin, the skin would be pale white with shades of pink caused by blood flow through the skin.

Interestingly, do you know that fair-skinned people produce very little melanin, darker-skinned people produce moderate amounts, and very dark-skinned people produce the most.  Also, people with albinism have little or no melanin and thus their skin appears white or pale pink.

Here's a secret, the application of Kojic Dipalmitate has proven times without numbers (trusted by over 500 customers) to be the best antidote to get rid of skin coloring. 

Learn More About Kojic Dipalmitate

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250 ML
500 ML
1 Liter

Raw Egyptian Milk ( also known as Kamana Milk) (Egyptian/ Filipino Cream Booster)

Egyptian Milk (Kamana)This AUTHENTIC Egyptian milk popularly know as KAMANA, is good for extreme super strength complexion enhancer when used in the formulation of your skincare products like body lotion , face cream , etc....

250 ML
500 ML
1 Liter

Extreme Bleaching Oil

Best whitening and glowing oil so ever,Guarantee resultIt can be added to lotion and it can be used directly has morning and night oilFor the lotion100ml of the oil into 400ml of the lotion 😋...

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Python Fat Oil for Stretch Mark, Python Oil.

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500 ML
1 Liter
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Filipino whitening oil for whitening pro-mix of creams, lotions, Oils and soaps

 Essential raw ingredients for pro mixing fades scars, treats acne and stretch marks leaving you with a flawless radiant skin. you’ll start seeing results within two weeks of usagevital ingredient pro mixers uses in mixing...