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Alum Powder

Alum Powder

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Alum also helps heal the skin and add a natural glow to it, it also tones the skin naturally tightens the skin. It has an antiaging properties. It is safe for both adults and kids.

Generally, an alum block is used after shaving to soothe the skin, prevent the spread of bacteria, and reduce bleeding associated with minor nicks and cuts.

It can also be used to prevent some of the more annoying side effects of shaving, such as razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Not many individuals realize that alum powder consists of anti ageing qualities and therefore, helps prevent pre-mature ageing and keeps the skin soft.

Alum has astringent and antibacterial properties. An astringent causes tissues to contract, making them shrink or tighten. People sometimes use astringents to reduce the appearance of pores on the skin.


Uses of Alum

For Treating Canker Sores: Powdered alum can be used for treating canker sores.
As an Aftershave: It is being used as an aftershave for centuries. Take some alum powder and rub it thoroughly all over the freshly shaved face when the skin is still wet. Its astringent qualities will control bleeding from small shaving cuts and thus, prevent infection.

For Purifying Water: When a small amount of alum powder is added to water, then the small particles of pollutants present in water tend to stick together and form colloid particles. Since colloid particles are heavy, they easily get settled down at the bottom of the container and the purified water can thus be strained out.

For Reducing Body Odor: It controls body odor. It can be applied directly on the perspiring areas of the body. As it is soluble in water, it mixes up with the sweat and stop the growth of bacteria that causes body odor.

For Pickling: It is popularly used in various pickling recipes particularly the cucumber and watermelon-rind pickles. Its ions strengthen the cell walls of the fruits and vegetables used in the pickles. This in turn maintains the natural crispness of those fruits and vegetables. 

Deodorant rock, prevents premature ageing, for lice treatment, for treating pimples and wrinkles.

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