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Ferulic Acid Powder

Ferulic Acid Powder

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Ferulic Acid 

Known as a powerful antioxidant, Ferulic Acid is also capable of helping stabilize vitamin c in personal care formulations. 

Derived from rice bran oil, this Ferulic Acid contains 98% minimum Trans Ferulic Acid content.

Pair this with our L-Ascorbic Acid!



  • Powerful Antioxidant 
  • Helps Fight Free Radicals  
  • Stabilize Vitamin C


How to use it

Beginner: Add up to 1 tube to 4 oz of your favorite base cream.

Advanced: This ingredient is recommended for use at up to 1% in formulations. It is soluble in ethanol, hot water, and propanediol. We recommend adding this ingredient during the heated water phase of a formulation, or added at the end in the form of a solution in one of the recommended solvents.



 I recommend that you keep products away from the reach of children. Test your skin for sensitivity prior to use. Apply the products confined to a limited part (forearm) and not to the whole body at first to test for skin reaction. If no skin reaction occurs within 24 hours, you may start using the products. In case severe redness and itchiness, refrain from using the product.


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