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Giga White Powder

Giga White Powder

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Product Name: Giga white Powder
Part Used : Flowder and leaf
Appearance : White powder
Specification: 99%
Grade : Food/Cosmetic Grade


Alpine plant extract is a highly purified mixed organic plant extract. This powder form of extract mixture is designed for skin brightening. It can brighten, even skin toning, and reduce the color intensity of age spots. It works even more effectively when used with niacinamide.

This raw cosmetic material is meant for external use only in cosmetic formulations. As with all of our materials, it should not be taken internally.

INCI: Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Primula Veris Extract, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, Veronica Officinalis Extract, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Achillea Millefolium Extract

Appearance: White Powder
Recommended Usage Rate: 1-3%
Solubility: Water Soluble
Purity: 99%

This cosmetic raw material is meant for external use only in cosmetic formulations. As with all of our materials, it should not be taken internally.

Gigawhite is a pure plant extract whicc composed of 7 kinds of alpine plants: mallow extract,mint leaf extract, primula vulgaris extract, cloak grass extract, Veronica Americana extract, Fragrant bee flower extract, and achillea extract. It can promote cell regeneration and help repair skin barrier.
It has excellent skin penetration and good skin whitening effect, effectively reducing the size of pigment and senile plaques.Skin whitening powder gigawhite powder.this treatment is formulated with 7 precious Alpine Herbal Whitening Ingredients1.Biodynamic Cellular Complex2.7 precious Alpine Herbal Whitening Ingredients.
What's the Main Functions?

1. Whitening
Giga White Powder has the meaning of natural whitening and whitening factors, it can penetrate into the skin to lock water, repair damaged skin, restore collagen function, prevent facial wrinkles, keep skin smooth, soft and elastic, and accelerate the metabolism of new cells. In addition, skin cells are renewed, melanin pigment is reduced, endocrine is regulated, yellow is reversed by reversing aging, pigmentation is inhibited, making skin white, delicate and elastic.
2. Water absorption
Giga White Powder helps the skin absorb a lot of water. The skin has water, so it can keep its elasticity and softness naturally.
3. Remove wrinkles
Giga White Powder can remove wrinkles, make the skin tight, anti-aging, and has greater effect on young cells than young people.
4. Acne
Giga White Powder can prevent inflammation, skin irritation, bacterial growth, promote cell metabolism and skin regeneration, relieve pain and pruritus, and is effective for facial paralysis, acne, allergy and redness.


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