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Sweet Orange Carrier Oil, Orange Oil

Sweet Orange Carrier Oil, Orange Oil

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Orange is an important source of vitamin C and it also works as an Antioxidant for the skin!

Sweet orange oil is rich in vitamin that will help you out to remove dead skin and gives a brightening glow to your skin.

Benefits Includes: 

1. Calm anxiety
According to Dr Couic Marinier, “the intoxicating and agreeable ambiance of Sweet Orange Essential Oil quickly refreshes, re-energises and uplifts the mind”.
Research suggests that this natural oil helps to calm the heart rate and reduce levels of cortisol secretion to help keep stress and anxiety to a minimum.

2. Digestion booster
Thanks to its properties as an anti-inflammatory, relaxant and circulation booster, Sweet Orange Oil can promote better digestion, easing cramps and other stomach pains.

3. Treat insomnia
“Sweet Orange Essential Oil is particularly effective for dealing with problems related to insomnia”, says Dr Couic Marinier.
Sweet Orange Oil can have a deeply calming effect on the mind and body and is effective in treating sleep issues that are related to stress or depression.

4. Anti-inflammatory
Sweet Orange Essential Oil possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it has been shown to be one of the most effective Essential Oils with regards to its ability to fight pain, infection and chronic inflammation.

5. Anti-bacterial
Not only does Sweet Orange Essential Oil help to prevent infection, it also repairs the affected area.

Sweet Orange Oil benefits includes:

Acne Fighter. 

Controls Oil. ...

Reduces Dark Spots. ...

Anti-ageing. ...

Improves Blood Circulation to Skin. ...

Reduces Large Pores.




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