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When mixing your black soap try using this Kampala soap it works for stretch marks, ring work, eczema, white patches, and also body rashes. Also, it can be used for children with skin irritations.

NOTE: Please, don't use it like that on your skin. 

Well lots of people sent pictures of this soap saying "I have to re-stock it; its good; this is great." To tell you what? One of my favourite customers even swears by it, and told her I would look into it.

💢 Well I did look into it, used it to formulate Molato Soap. People of God, it came out divine ooo, now I didn't need to add so much packets soap because this is giving me what I needed.
💢 Secondly, I used it for liquid brightening black soap didn't melt completely so I stick blended.
💢 Thirdly, the usage outcome was so good felt so good on the skin, boosted the soap with brightening and lightening effects.

So for me, it's a pass....
Now available

Oh yes the key to usage is honey 🍯 so always add honey to products.



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