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Orange Peel Powder

Orange Peel Powder

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Orange peel powder is a wonderful ingredient which, when incorporated in regular face packs or facial masks, can add a natural glow to our skin. When added to skincare products or used in face masks, the powder helps:

1. Brighten Skin Tone
2. Unclog Skin Pores
3. Treat Pimples and Acne
4. Remove Scars / Marks
5. Fight against Ageing
6. Tone Your Skin Up
7. Reduce Inflammation

Bright, shiny and tangerine, the peel of the orange contains antioxidants and using it regularly in face packs will give you clear and brighter skin in no time. The peel has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which make it great for treating acne and oily skin.


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