100% African Ghana Black White Soap Powder, soft white

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Ghana White Soap (Samla Yen) Black Soap is one of the White Black Soaps available.

It is made of ALL NATURAL products.

Ghana White Soap (Samla Yen) Black Soap is originally made in Ghana but presently sold in Lagos Nigeria

Ghana White Soap (Samla Yen) Black Soap is a soap made from Saponified Palm Kernel Oil.

The production process is quite lengthy, but the ingredients are simple and natural-palm kernel oil and cocoa pod ash(same as black soap).

The soap lathers very well and will become darker and harder once water is introduced.

It is said to be just as effective as traditional dark black soap, but milder on the skin.

This Ghana White Soap (Samla Yen) Black Soap is traditionally used to help clear rashes,

acne, or persistent skin blemishes and irritations.

Ghana White Soap (Samla Yen) Black Soap Contains:

unrefined coconut oil
unrefined shea butter
unrefined palm kernel oil.
This White soap is a naturally soft soap and should not be left in sitting water as

it will dissolve completely.

Ghana White Soap (Samla Yen) can be mixed with the regular Black Soap to increase the lightening and foaming effect of the Black Soap,

especially when mixing or pro-mixing your organic black soap, lightening, and bleaching soap.

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