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Akpi / Djansang / Njanan/ Munguella / Wama / Okhuen / Bofeko 1 LBS

Akpi / Djansang / Njanan/ Munguella / Wama / Okhuen / Bofeko 1 LBS

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Akpi, known by different names Djansang Njansang, Musodo, Erimado, Corkwood, Essessang, is a blonde seed originating from the mainly African tropical forests, this seed (of the scientific name Ricinodendron Heudelotii) is more and more appreciated in France and Europe for its multiple virtues for health and also for the body.

Akpi seed is now known for developing breasts and buttocks, like fenugreek and kigelia in a natural way.

100% natural pure akpi seeds How to use akpi seeds?

Crush some akpi seeds in a mortar and get a ready-to-use paste by adding a little water.
Then mix the resulting dough with shea butter and also add fenugreek powder or oil.
Mix well until you get a homogeneous paste.
Pour everything into a clean plastic and keep it cool
Take a small amount of the cream, pass over the breasts or buttocks Gently massage the breasts or buttocks in circular motions from the bottom up until complete penetration.

To firm the breasts:

Crush the akpi seeds and obtain a paste with a little water
Take an egg white and add to the paste
Take pure honey and make the mixture
Apply on the breasts in mask and let stand for 1 h and rinse with cold water
Hydrate your breasts with a little cocoa or shea butter and fenugreek oil, all mixed together, pass over the breasts every morning
To do at least 2 times a week .

Here are two recipes to trigger ovulation: ~

Recipe 1: Purge -Take 6 seeds of akpi and 4 African peppers -
Mash them on a clean grinding wheel -
Add warm heated water to dilute the paste obtained -
Make then full purge
Purging It will not only promote ovulation, but will also stabilize your cycle and make ovulation robust and strong. It is therefore advisable to purge each evening for better ovulation.

This recipe is to be made every evening. ~

Recipe 2: Oral solution - Crush the akpi and the african pepper on a clean wheel -
Use plain water, to dilute the dough -
Filter and drink on an empty stomach \
To be done continuously, until the desired result is obtained

Concerns: Anti-aging, Fine lines & Wrinkles, Loss of firmness & elasticity, Puffiness, Stretch Marks
Care Type: Natural Care
Type of skin: Dry, Sensitive, Normal, Oily, Combination
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