Reduced L Glutathione 99+% Pure powder
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Reduced L Glutathione 99+% Pure powder

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**99+% Glutathione Powder**

--Reduced L-Glutathione--

Chemical Formula: C10H17N3O6S

CAS#: 70-18-8

INCI Name: Glutathione

Glutathione (GSH) is a naturally occurring antioxidant that is found in plants, fungi, and animals. First discovered in 1888, it took nearly a century before research started to uncover the important role that glutathione plays in the human body. Glutathione (pronounced "glue" "tah" "thigh" "own") is considered the most important antioxidant found in the human body, contributing to the body's defense system from free radicals, heavy metals, and other toxins. Found in every single cell in the body, Glutathione is the most concentrated in the liver, which happens to be the detoxification center of the human body. Glutathione levels are quite high early in life, but as humans start to age, levels decrease dramatically.

Glutathione is a tripeptide, meaning it is made up of three amino acids that are all linked by peptide bonds. These amino acids consist of glutamic acid, cysteine, and It exists in primarily two forms: reduced (good) and oxidized (bad). The ratio of reduced to oxidized glutathione is used to determine the health of a cell, with a higher ratio being better. Normal cellular glutathione levels can have as high as 98% reduced glutathione, but this percentage will start to dip for various reasons like aging, poor diet, mental illness, stress, infection, and radiation, among other things.

Detoxification, slowing the aging process, and helping cognitive functions are the most popular benefits of glutathione. One of the lesser known effects (benefits to those that are looking for it) is that it may decrease melanin production, thereby providing a skin lightening effect. This effect has been seen when applied topically, taken internally, and injected (please note that this is NOT injection grade glutathione. This is intended for topical use only.)

To formulate into a lotion, glutathione should dissolve with some substantial stirring. There are a number of recipes available online that can be made fairly easily in a kitchen at home. Do not apply powder directly to skin.

This reduced glutathione has been assayed at 99+% pure. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.

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