Sym White Powder
Sym White Powder
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Sym White Powder

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DESCRIPTION: SymWhite 377 is a nature-identical extract inspired by a potent, multifunctional substance from Pine trees. It is a strong antioxidant that also has benefits in skin brightening, promoting an even complexion.

SymWhite 377 comparable to kojic acid but without the skin irritation and associated side effects.

A clinical study with Asian subjects proved that 0.5% SymWhite 377 is a more effective solution for brighter skin than 1.0% kojic acid.

SymWhite 377 is effective against hyperpigmentation caused by harmful UV rays. It promotes a radiant complexion. Skin looks significantly brighter in 28 days. SymWhite 377 is very safe to use on the skin.




*Potent tyrosinase inhibitor

*Excellent safety profile

*Increased skin elasticity

*Potent antioxidant

*A potent and safe skin brightener

*High efficacy at low dosage.

*Outperforms Kojic Acid, a benchmark reference in skin lightening

*Effective against UV induced pigmentation

*Helps reduce the appearance of darker facial and underarm hair

*Visible skin brightening efficacy in 28 days

*Promotes an even skin tone

*Gives a radiant complexion

APPLICATIONS: Skin Lightening and Depigmenting, Dark spot removal creams, Bikini skin lightener, Antioxidant, Anti-Aging. Can be added to creams, oil serums, Body butter, and balms, etc.



INCI: Phenylethyl Resorcinol

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dark,, and dry place

APPEARANCE: Off-White Powder

SOLUBILITY: water phase, dissolve at 40⁰C


USE RATE: 0.5-1% .