Blue alum

Blue alum

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Blue alum

It is beneficial for tightening and whitening of the skin due to its astringent property. It removes excess oil from the skin making it effective for oil control.

Blue alum also know as fitkari helps heal the skin and add a natural glow to it . it also tones the skin naturally tightens the skin . It has an antiaging properties. It is safe for both adults and kids.

Skin Benefits of Blue Alum:

✅ Generally, an alum block is used after shaving to soothe the skin, prevent the spread of bacteria, and reduce bleeding associated with minor nicks and cuts.

✅ It can also be used to prevent some of the more annoying side effects of shaving, such as razor burn and ingrown hairs.

✅ Not many individuals realize that alum powder consists of anti-ageing qualities and therefore, helps prevent pre-mature ageing and keeps the skin soft.

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