Carob/ Locust Bean/ Ugba/ Iru/ Dawa dawa. (PICK YOUR WEIGHT SIZE)

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Carob/ Locust Bean/ Ugba/ Iru/ Dawa dawa

  5oz (142g), 1 lbs (1 pound), 2 lbs (2 pounds)                                 


  It is a fermented and processed locus beans commonly used as a condiment in cooking scrumptious traditional soups like egusi soup, okro soup and ogbono soup. 

It can also be use as a condiment for efo riro(Spinish,Collard green, and Callaloo), Gbegiri soup, and Awedu. 

It can be eaten raw to aid digestion,improve vision,and serve as an antioxidant.


Please wash with hot water before use!!!  Be advised that this product has its distinguished unique odor/smell- item cannot be returned because you do not like its smell /odor! Product is guaranteed fresh and delicious.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that we are just a seller and not a dietrican or farmar nor the food producer/manufactural  . We are not responsible for any adverse effect or allegic reaction caused from  the use of this product.  Please always use your discretion. This product has been proven for what it is meant for.

Please always consult with your doctor/dietrician before using this product.


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