Piment Doux Lightening Serum

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Piment Doux is a powerful lightening ultra concentrate and should be applied on stubborn spots or parts you want to lighten can be added to your lotion/ body milk to achieve the desired degree of lightening.

Piment doux is a super lightening serum containing fruit acids highly effective in lightening dark stubborn spots/ marks, knuckles, underarms and inner thighs.It's ingredients are super effective, natural and safe to use.

Use twice daily on a clean skin surface for faster results.Results are seen in as early as 2 weeks.

1 Piment Doux Lightening Serum ..

Piment Doux Lightening Serum Authentic *Sealed.

Piment Doux Concentre is a specially designed lotion used to clear and cleanse dark spots on the face and body.This price is for one bottle in a pack

Use: Mix the serum in your lotion and use it after bathing. For difficult parts such as elbows, fingers, and toes, you may use a dry and cotton swab.

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