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Sepiwhite Signature Oil / serum, Brightener and whitening agent

Sepiwhite Signature Oil / serum, Brightener and whitening agent

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Product Name:Sepiwhite signature oil /Serums

Product Appearance:Clear Oil

The Period Of Validity:2 years

Sepiwhite is an excellent brightener and whitening agent, suitable for all types and races of skin, which can promote more even skin tone and glow in only 7 days. Studies have shown that skin luminosity increases, the number and color of pigmentation spots decreases, and can be used in combination with other active ingredients such as niacinamide or aha. Sepiwhite MSH is a lipid amino acid or carrier essential amino acid, which is formed by phenylalanine, an amino acid involved in melanin synthesis. MSH is an α - melanin stimulating hormone (MSH) receptor agonist developed from the amino acid, which can inhibit the synthesis of melanin in hypothalamus and reduce the production of melanin in skin cells.

1. Promote skin color to be more even and radiant;

2. Promote to reduce the number and color of senile spots;

3. Prove to be effective for all skin types and races;

4. Promote even skin color;

5. It is reported that the skin's luminosity and brightness increased significantly.


1. Phthalate without preservative and p-hydroxybenzoate;
2. Easy biodegradation;
3. No phototoxicity.

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